What is CBD?

CBD oil has received more and more press attention in recent years, and many people are confused about what it actually is and what it does, and there’s a perfectly good reason as to why. CBD or Cannabidiol is made from hemp which is the same as cannabis; same as marijuana just different names describing the same plant. So unless you’ve been living on the moon for the past few decades you’ll know the UK government have ran a war on drugs and hemp is classified as an illegal drug in the UK.

Ok hemp is illegal in most countries and in the UK it’s no different, however CBD is only one of many active ingredients in the hemp plant, the two most commonly known are THC (psychoactive strain) of which gives you the high you’d experience and CBD (cannabidiol strain) the subject of this article.

So why is CBD legal to buy in the UK and most other EU countries? The simple answer is that the CBD oil available on the UK market is quite different to the plant you use to get “high”. The hemp oil is put through an extraction process to remove all the THC, it’s then tested in labs to confirm the CBD count and prove no THC is left in the oil. Once this has been approved not to include THC it can be processed for sale in the UK.

CBD is believed to have the potential to help maintain, support and optimise your body and wellbeing without the side effects seen in prescription drugs. Taken daily or on a regular basis CBD has been found to help calm, relax and act as a natural boost to your body's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant system as well as many other areas of the body and mind.

It has been proven to be able to counteract the psychoactivity properties of THC. Cannabis that is rich in CBD is not as psychoactive as strains that consist of high levels of THC, making it more suitable for individuals who require relief from symptoms such as pain, inflammation, spasms, anxiety. The main advantage of CBD is that it helps address such symptoms without causing the patient to feel ill,  lethargic, disconnected or typically high.

Is it legal to buy products containing both THC and CBD?

They are only illegal if they have come from a source that is not legal, for example, cannabis that is high in THC. CBD itself is derived from THC, meaning the plant does not produce it, but rather it is a by-product formed by the degradation of the THC from the plant. If products have been legally derived, from plants with a low THC content, they are legal.

What is actually in CBD oil?

Legally grown hemp is grown using completely legal seeds and consists of in excess of 100 phyto-cannabinoids. Of these many different phyto-cannabinoids, the most notable include CBD, CBN, CBC and CBG. The hemp also contains very small amounts of THC, at levels that are so low they are completely legal. Cannabis grown for the illegal recreational drug market has a much higher THC content, and it is this that gives users the typical stoned or high feeling. Using CBD vape or CBD oil vapors will not lead users to experience the usual feeling associated with cannabis.

How do you Use CBD Oil?

The best way in which to use or ingest CBD oil is dependent upon individual preference. We stock a wide range of products available featuring CBD oil drops, crystals, disposable vape pens and many other types so you can choose to take CBD by whichever method best suits your needs. It's possible to purchase balms that can be applied directly onto the lips, as well as chewing gum made using CBD.